NEW! From Harvard... Tufts... British Medical Journal... JAMA... New England Journal Of Medicine and more than 73 other leading medical institutions... And the results of studies involving more than 9,384 patients...

Amazing New Memory Loss Breakthroughs, Natural Foods and Do-It-Yourself Secrets that Disease-Proof your Brain and keep your Memory Razor Sharp well into your 50s... 60s... 70s... And Beyond!

Literally hundreds of double-blind, placebo-controlled studies show that these 94 amazing mind and memory boosters really can help you...

  • Get 19% smarter overnight... By re-growing “dead” brain cells and broken neurons
  • Keep Alzheimer’s at bay... By flushing away the deadly plaques that trigger its onset
  • Conquer memory problems with... Jellyfish venom! Astonishing findings of 12-year study
  • Overcome a family history of dementia... With a deep-sea mineral
  • Remember names, faces... Even entire shopping lists... no matter how poor your memory may be today
  • Keep your mind and your memory razor sharp for a lifetime...
  • Fight stress and beat depression caused by a ‘fatigued’ mind...
  • And renew your entire health – from the inside out
  • And MUCH MORE!

Dear Health-Savvy Friend,

Do you suffer with memory problems? If so, you know just how frustrating and embarrassing they can be. You go to the supermarket to buy milk or some other item... And come back with everything but the one thing you went out for.

Or, you bump into someone you haven’t seen for a while – and for the life of you... You can’t recall their name.

Or maybe you’ve walked into a room in your house to fetch something... And then forgotten what you went in there for.

Or perhaps you’ve experienced other frustrating and embarrassing memory faux pas – like misplacing your glasses or your house keys. Or forgetting where you parked your car at the supermarket. Or missing an appointment at the doctors, dentist, or at the hospital because it “slipped your mind!”

Memory problems like these not only leave you frustrated and embarrassed, but they can make it seem like you’re losing your mental edge. And they can make you think that more serious problems may be afoot – like Alzheimer’s disease or dementia.

Well, here’s amazing news. You don’t have to accept memory problems as “a natural part of the ageing process.” You don’t have to put up with the frustration, embarrassment and the worry memory problems can give you. And you don’t have to expose yourself to diseases like Alzheimer’s and dementia.

You can boost your brain power and your powers of recall. You can say good-bye to symptoms like forgetfulness... Brain fog... Fuzzy thinking... And mental blocks.

You can ward off brain-destroying dementia. And you can supercharge your memory and keep it razor sharp well into your 50s... 60s...70s... And beyond!

Moreover, you can get these kinds of amazing results... And you can get them fast – in as little as 30 days or less! And you can do it without resorting to dangerous drugs that can trigger a whole host of nasty side effects.

Sound interesting?

Then you owe it to yourself to take a look at a brand new Special Report from our experts at Agora Health called TOTAL RECALL:  Supercharge your Memory and Disease-Proof your Brain against Alzheimer’s and Dementia.

And today, I’m going to make it unbelievably easy for you to do just that – by making you the most generous offer in FSP Health’s long history...

Just say “MAYBE,” take 30 Days to check out all the amazing memory-boosting, brain-saving secrets RISK-FREE. If what you discover isn’t everything I tell you and more... If the results you get aren’t anything but spectacular... Then simply change your “MAYBE” to an emphatic “NO,” and you won’t lose a single cent!

My name is Antoinette Pombo, Product Manager at FSPHealthandFitness. Over the years, we’ve published over 50 books that have helped hundreds of thousands of people live a healthier, longer, disease-free life.

But out of all the books we’ve published, none have gotten me so excited as TOTAL RECALL:  Supercharge your Memory and Disease-Proof your Brain against Alzheimer’s and Dementia. That’s because it doesn’t just tell you what causes these common memory faux pas...

... It brings you – in one single volume – all the latest research emanating from famed research centre’s like Harvard University... Tufts University... Alzheimer’s Society... The British Medical Journal... New England Journal of Medicine... And more than 73 other leading health research institutes...

... And the results of hundreds of double-blind, placebo-controlled studies (the gold-standard of medical research) on more than 9,384 patients...

... On how to use cutting-edge new breakthroughs... Simple everyday foods... And other delightful (and surprising) food choices that will protect and improve your most important asset – your brain!

This Special Report is a must-read if you value your brain – and want to keep it functioning at peak levels... And keep your memory sharp as a tack for a lifetime.

It’s also indispensable if any of your friends or family suffer with memory problems or – god forbid – destructive diseases like Alzheimer’s or dementia (you’ll find amazing, scientifically proven natural treatments that work much better than drugs, without side-effects).

All told, you’ll find no less than 94 specific, scientifically-proven “Memory Intensifiers” between the pages of TOTAL RECALL:  Supercharge your Memory and Disease-Proof your Brain against Alzheimer’s and Dementia In just a moment, I’m going to get VERY specific about the types of mind and memory breakthroughs you’ll find in this report, so please keep reading...

But first, here are five important benefits you’ll get from this book:

  • You’ll protect your most valuable asset – your brain. Your brain is the command centre of your entire body. Without it, you can’t survive. Similarly, when your brain isn’t functioning at peak levels, your health and your life is affected. In 'OTAL RECALL:  Supercharge your Memory and Disease-Proof your Brain against Alzheimer’s and Dementia you’ll find all the latest research and cutting-edge remedies to protect your brain for a lifetime.
  • You’ll discover how to protect yourself and your loved ones from devastating diseases like Alzheimer’s and dementia. How to prevent them, even if you have a family history of the diseases. New treatment choices that work better than drugs in some cases. And believe it or not, how to even reverse these diseases! Yes, in many cases, it’s now possible to reverse these devastating diseases. In TOTAL RECALL:  Supercharge your Memory and Disease-Proof your Brain against Alzheimer’s and Dementia you’ll find out about all the new treatments that are making this possible.
  • You’ll halt memory problems and restore your memory to what it was years ago. You’ll find out about common yet little-known deficiencies in your body that trigger memory problems... And how to correct them... Bring your memory roaring back... And keep it razor sharp regardless of your age.
  • Improve your mind... And watch your entire health get better. Because your brain controls everything you do, by feeding it what it needs to run and perform like a champion racehorse, your whole health begins to sparkle – stress flees... Blood pressure improves...

You heart gets stronger... Fatigue is replaced with reservoirs of new energy...and much, much more!

You’ll protect your body from the damaging effects of heavy metal toxins and drug side effects. That’s because all the remedies you’ll find in this special report are safe and all-natural. That means you’ll never be exposing yourself to the side effects posed by prescription drugs. And in many cases, the breakthroughs you’ll hear about naturally flush toxins like lead, mercury and other heavy metals out of your body, thereby improving your all-round health into the bargain!
If you want to protect your brain, retain your memory and fight disease... And dramatically improve your entire health... I truly believe this Special Report is essential reading for you and for anyone who may be suffering with memory problems.

That’s why I want you to have a copy of TOTAL RECALL:  Supercharge your Memory and Disease-Proof your Brain against Alzheimer’s and Dementia to read, use and evaluate – totally RISK-FREE for 30 Days.

This way, you don’t risk a single cent! I’m betting that once you read about the proven secrets and remedies in the book... And begin seeing the incredible brain and memory boosting changes these remedies offer, you’ll want to keep it forever... And recommend it to everyone you know.

More specifically, let me give you a small “taste” of what you’ll discover in the pages of this report...

Memory Intensifier #1:
Beyond Ginkgo, PS... And Other Brain-Boosting Supplements:

The Next Generation Of Memory Breakthroughs!

If you’ve been suffering from memory problems for some time, you’ve probably heard of memory-boosting supplements like Ginkgo Biloba, Phospetydlserine (PS)...and many others.

And maybe you’ve even tried them and gotten good results. But as helpful as these supplements can be, they’re not the total answer to your memory problems. Plus many studies show that different people experience wildly different results.

Some people get good results...while other people get almost no benefit.

Well, in your risk-free copy of TOTAL RECALL:  Supercharge Your Memory And Disease-Proof Your Brain Against Alzheimer’s and Dementia, you’ll discover scores of new, next generation breakthroughs for renewing and restoring your steel-trap memory. For example, you’ll discover...

  • How to get 19% smarter overnight! This amazing new breakthrough works by regenerating “dead” brain cells and broken neurons!
  • How to stop dangerous amyloid plaques from stealing your memory. In clinical studies, brain cells treated with this one nutrient had a 100% survival rate against amyloid plaques. Those not treated with this nutrient suffered a 100% KILL rate! Protect your brain cells by checking out page 23
  • How sleep-deprived soldiers stay sharp and alert on long patrols. And how you can use their secret to keep your memory and concentration razor sharp.
  • Boost your memory by 37% in just 30 days simply by doing your tongue! Amazing, but true.
  • New superstar compound contains 9 amazing brain-boosting nutrients. Fights Alzheimer’s and dementia...fires up your memory ...sharpens your thinking...lowers levels of memory-robbing homocysteine...and more!
  • Why your memory gets worse as you age. Studies show it’s a lack of this one neurotransmitter in your brain. Discover an easy way to fix it and say good-bye to memory problems on page 36.
  • The amazing “energy pill” that slows Alzheimer’s down to a crawl. Studies show it can slow the progression of the disease for as long as 2 years!
  • The amazing memory booster in! Studies show this common plant eliminates stress and tension...and even helps you sleep better. Page 32
  • The ONLY type of vitamin B12 you should be taking. This powerful new form gives you higher levels in your bloodstream... eliminates memory-robbing toxins...fights stress...and even reverses brain ageing! Amazing new breakthrough revealed on page 14
  • Boost your memory and fight Alzheimer’s by going to...the dentist? Yes! Here’s when this works. Page 20
  • How an accidental discovery led to an amazing new Alzheimer’s breakthrough! Improves brain power...speeds blood flow to your brain...boosts mental near miracles in as little as 3 days! Double-blind studies confirm it.
  • Why doctors in Japan almost NEVER prescribe drugs for Alzheimer’s. This all-natural solution works much better...and has no side effects.
  • 550% better brain protection than vitamin E! The secret is this obscure nutrient found in the sea.

Memory Intensifier #2:
“Forbidden” Foods that Supercharge Your Mind, Your Memory... and Fight Disease!

Famed Greek physician Hippocrates once said, “Let food be your medicine, let medicine be yourfood.”

And in your risk-free copy of 'TOTAL RECALL:  Supercharge Your Memory And Disease-Proof Your Brain Against Alzheimer’s and Dementia', you’ll find literally dozens of proven ways to fight memory problems and power-up your brain using delicious foods that, according to most doctors and other health professionals, “can’t possibly be good for you.”

After all, whoever would believe that you could...

  • Prevent Alzheimer’s with...cheese?! Sounds hard to believe but studies show it’s true!
  • Use ordinary black pepper to keep your memory sharp? Here’s when this 77
  • Prevent dementia by eating meat, eggs and cereal? Yes! Amazing results of New England Journal of Medicine study.
  • Flush memory-robbing toxins out of your body with... bananas? Sounds incredible I know, but it’s true nonetheless.
  • Renew damaged brain cells with...coriander? It’s true! Just a few short weeks later, cells are like new again. Proven in recent study. Page 15
  • Slash your risk of dementia by 34% sticks? Yes! 815 patient study proves it.
  • Reverse brain ageing with...blueberries? It’s true! As proven in recent Tufts University Anti-Aging study. Amazing details on page 29.
  • Beat “brain fog” by getting more prunes in your diet? Yes, prunes! Impossible? Read page 31 and be amazed.
  • Say adios to forgetfulness with...nuts! Findings of Journal of Epidemiology study.
  • Re-grow “dead” brain cells with...a mushroom? Yes! Little-known Chinese delicacy repairs and regenerates dead brain cells. Page 115

And that’s only the beginning of the amazing food cures you’ll find in your risk-free copy of 'TOTAL RECALL:  Supercharge Your Memory And Disease-Proof Your Brain Against Alzheimer’s and Dementia'. For example, on page 73 you’ll discover why...

Why people in India RARELY Get Alzheimer's... and how you can reduce your risk down to almost ZERO... with a compound found in Curry Powder!

It’s true! In a study published in the medical journal Neuroscience, researchers found that a miniscule 1% of people over 65 in India ever get Alzheimer’s disease!

And it’s all due to their diet, which includes lots and lots of curry! The researchers discovered that the reason people in India are almost bullet-proof against the disease is due to an obscure spice found in the curry – and now, with the information you’ll find on page 73 of 'TOTAL RECALL:  Supercharge Your Memory And Disease-Proof Your Brain Against Alzheimer’s and Dementia', you, too, can dramatically slash your risk of this disease!

On page 43 you’ll hear about the new study published in the British Journal of Psychiatry that shows how you can slash your risk of mental decline...with beer!

On page 42 you’ll hear about a new Harvard University study which showed that drinking COCOA (yes, cocoa!) not only reduces your risk of dementia to practically ZERO...

...but dramatically cuts your risk of diabetes...sends blood pressure plummeting and protects you against cancer...stroke... and heart failure!

On page 41, you’ll hear about a study done in Milan, Italy, on amazing and tasty tea from South Africa that blocks brain cell death that leads to Alzheimer’s disease.

You’ll find dozens of other brain and memory-boosting food breakthroughs in your risk-free copy of 'TOTAL RECALL:  Supercharge Your Memory And Disease-Proof Your Brain Against Alzheimer’s and Dementia'.

Memory Intensifier #3:
Do-It-Yourself Secret’s that Boost Your Memory, Fight Alzheimer’s And Dementia...

You’ve heard about some of the new, natural breakthroughs you’ll find in this special 143-page report.  You’ve heard about some of the surprising and little-known nutritional treatments.

Now let me tell you about some of the other brain-boosting, memory restoring secrets you’ll find in this incredible book. They’re simple, easy to do...and work wonders for your mind and your memory. What kind of do-it-yourself secrets am I talking about? Here’s a small sample...

  • A simple trick you can do with your eyes that can boost your brain power and keep your memory razor sharp! Sounds too incredible to believe, but it’s true!
  • A simple trick you can do with the furniture in your home that fights dementia! Amazing findings of British Medical Journal study. Page 49
  • Sharpen your memory simply by watching TV? Yes! Just follow the simple instructions on page 50.
  • How to use an ordinary mirror in your home to beat memory problems! Amazing...but true. Page 48
  • Memory-robbing toxins in your kitchen! Thousands of people use these common cooking items every day without knowing the terrible risks. What you need to know to protect yourself and your family. Page 12
  • Doing crosswords and other mental workouts protects your mind and memory, right? Wrong! Why they can actually lead to rapid mental decline. Page 46
  • 7 everyday items that can trigger amyloid plaque deposits in your brain. One of them is the toothpaste you may be using! Here are the other what you can do to prevent their accumulation and protect your brain! Page 9
  • Is your cholesterol HIGH ENOUGH to keep Alzheimer’s at bay?! Yes, the higher your cholesterol...the lower your risk of Alzheimer’s! Sounds astonishing, but recent brain studies prove it’s true! Page 20

Memory Intensifier #4:
Nourish Your Brain And Watch Your Entire Health Explode...

Using the previous three “memory intensifiers” we’ve provided your brain with everything it needs to protect itself and restore the steel-trap memory you had in your youth.

Now, to complete the turnaround, you’re going to see your entire health blossom right before your very eyes. That’s right; when your brain is thoroughly nourished, not only does your mind become sharper and more alert...not only does your memory improve...not only does it help you think better and faster on your feet...

...It gives your body all the essential building blocks it needs to improve your overall health...and keep it in tip-top condition. After searching through all the studies...after witnessing the amazing turnarounds reported in patient case thing has become crystal clear...

When You Nourish Your Brain With The Right Nutrients, Your Entire Health Explodes!

It’s true! Feed your brain the “juice” it needs and the overall health benefits can be spectacular...

  • You’ll find yourself focusing more intensely...thinking more quickly...and you’ll work more productively...with higher levels of creativity...
  • Chronic fatigue gives way to reservoirs of new energy...
  • Sleep problems like insomnia fade away...
  • As tension is removed from your heart, your blood pressure improves...heart attack risk plummets...cholesterol levels improve... and your risk of stroke drops...
  • And much, much more!
Dozens of mind-protecting, memory-boosting, health-restoring secrets from the world’s leading research centres

'TOTAL RECALL:  Supercharge Your Memory And Disease-Proof Your Brain Against Alzheimer’s and Dementia' is the culmination of more than two decades worth of research involving more than 9,384 patients from 73 of the world’s leading medical research institutes. That means there is not one ounce of theory here.

It’s all proven to work in the real world, on real patients... With spectacular results. And they can give you equally spectacular results.

Think of all the incredible benefits this Special Report can give you.

You’ll dramatically reduce your risk of devastating diseases like Alzheimer’s and dementia.

You’ll power up your memory fast – in as little 30 days or less... And keep it razor sharp well into your 50s...60s...70s... And even beyond!

You’ll make names, dates, faces – anything -- unforgettable – burn them into your memory permanently... And pull them out days, weeks, even years later at a moment's notice and without hesitation.

You’ll turn every meal you sit down to into an amazing memory booster and disease fighter.

You’ll blast away brain fog and fuzzy thinking... And have a crystal clear mind and laser beam focus.

In short, you’ll have a complete plan to protect your mind and your memory for a lifetime. And as you go through your day, things will just keep getting better and better for you. A better performing brain. A super-sharp memory that will never fail or embarrass you again. Better overall health. A better LIFE!

And remember, you’re NEVER AT RISK when you order 'TOTAL RECALL:  Supercharge Your Memory And Disease-Proof Your Brain Against Alzheimer’s and Dementia' because you’re always covered by our...

“Just Say MAYBE” 30-Day Better-Than-Risk-Free Guarantee...

Remember... Every cent of your investment is covered by my no-questions-asked 30-day money back guarantee.

Just say “MAYBE!” Check out the secrets you’ll find in the book... And put them to work in your life. If they don’t work like I have described on this page, simply change your “MAYBE” to an emphatic “NO,” and receive every cent of your purchase price back. No hassles... No quibbling.

Your word is good enough.

I’m betting that once you see the cutting-edge information in 'TOTAL RECALL:  Supercharge Your Memory And Disease-Proof Your Brain Against Alzheimer’s and Dementia', you’ll not only want to keep it forever...but you’ll heartily recommend it to every one of your friends and your family.

That’s how confident I am that this Special Report will change your life... And your mind... Forever.

  YES! I want to boost my memory and nourish my mind

Here's to a powerful new memory,

Antoinette Pombo

PS. Click on the order button below and get your copy of TOTAL RECALL:  Supercharge Your Memory And Disease-Proof Your Brain Against Alzheimer’s and Dementia  as hard copy book or PDF e-book. That way, you can discover... and begin using... any or even all of the 94 memory breakthroughs in a matter of hours or even minutes! 

PPS. Your purchase is protected by a full 30-day guarantee. If you’re not happy for any reason, just let us know and we’ll issue you with a 100% refund of the purchase price – even if it’s on the last day of the guarantee terms!

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